Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not every class is the superbowl

Some days I'm paranoid, insecure, and sweaty. And I accidentally ignore colleagues because, oh yeah, I'm self-absorbed.

I can't wait to find my rhythm again; it successfully eluded me this week.(As if it has consciousness and did it on purpose -- did I mention paranoid?)

Tomorrow is a new day with just one class to teach. I was surprised that having four today wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I have a new mantra for this semester: It's less work than high school. Those of you who teach high school or elementary, my hat is eternally off to you. I did it for two years, many moons ago, and it cured me of my "I'm going to change the world one high school student at a time!" psychosis. I truly believe teaching of all levels is a calling, especially those of you in the middle school trenches.

I wrote a scene for the novel in the doctor's office the other day. It's completely out of order, but it was the thing I wanted to write. There's something luxurious about this stage, pre-revision and plot meticulating (it can be a word just this once, right?). I'm getting to know my characters, and so far they are people I'd hang out with, given the chance. Even the, no, especially the neurotic/bipolar Stella.


  1. Yay for moving forward!!

    I often write out of sequence for my book. I have two main book files - the actual manuscript and one I call my work in progress. I type n my WIP document and when the scene is complete I transfer it to the main doc and paste it where it goes, sequentially.

    Hope today is better with one class!!

  2. I love "meticulating" as a gerundy verby thing :-). I bet you're a wonderful teacher. When are your office hours? I'm too tired to make real plans with anybody, but I'll be visiting Elizabeth during her office hours next week - it's all penciled in and everything!

  3. Mine are 1-2 p.m. MWF and 3-4 on W. :)

    Come on by!