Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cap sleeves, pendants, and magicians

Fresh sheets and 60 degrees, windows open and a great book.

This was a day for running and racing and feeling as though nothing were actually accomplished. I wore an outfit that looked great head on, but made me look fat from the side. Cap sleeves are not my friend; basically my arms look as though they're birthed from their skimpy hems, fat and sausage-y. Also, they're too short to serve any real function, and it's cold in Ohio these days.

In other news, I'm a woman (I first typed girl, but let's face it, I'm nearly 37) who wears a different colored pendant every day. I love them, the bigger and more unique the better. This is a trait I've now attributed to a quirky, yet likable character in my WIP.

Reading The Magicians by Grossman, and I LOVE it. I want everyone I know to start reading it so we can discuss it upon completion. You may begin now. It does have some "adult" language and content, but it's not gratuitous* and it is labeled as a book for adults, not YA.

*At least so far-- I'm on page 106.


  1. Cap sleeves are not flattering on me either. I'm wearing more form-fitting things of late. I'm still not pleased with my belly, but my arms are somehow shrinking. My butt looks okay, but I walked by a window today and thought "bubble butt!" You are lovely.

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