Saturday, September 19, 2009

Books, Magazines, and Found Things

I am a-flurry with YA books from the library and five (count 'em five) magazines on writing from Borders. It was a good day for collecting reading material, apparently.

So far I am most excited about Out of Time by John Marsden. I like the writing so far, though he tends to overdo it a bit. Just tell me what's happening; you don't have to be so "artful" in every single sentence.

I'll have to write some mini-reviews as I get into the rest of them. I never read all of the books I pick up, which is why I like to get so many when I hit the library. I never know which ones will be duds. Now a great book, a really epic books *always* grabs me at the very first sentence.

As far as the magazines go, that Writer's Digest really has the market on writing magazines, as they are responsible for three of my finds. Writer's Digest Novel Writing, The Writer's Digest Guide to Creativity, and of course, the straight up Writer's Digest. Then I got Bookmarks, which is essentially a magazine full of book reviews, what to read, what's been short listed for the big prizes like Pulitzer and Booker, that kind of thing. Lastly, I got Found, a magazine devoted to publishing found bits, photos, love letters, grocery lists -- anything found on the ground or nailed to a telephone post. That last one is addictive. I sat and combed over it for an hour straight when I'd meant to flip through. It makes me want to go on my own "scrounging" mission.

Have you ever found a letter, photograph, or artifact of any interest on the ground or outside?


  1. Found is fun. You know they have a website, right?
    I've been reading some YA, a lot of feeds, and doing some creative writing for Al.
    Last night I didn't have the attention span to get through a chapter or an article longer than a screen and a half. My body knows it's fall and wants another nap and a long walk.

  2. How about a pair of gloves? I found these black antique lace gloves outside church when I was a kid. They were so small I could barely put them on. I still have them. They remind me of the times when grandmothers were still wearing gloves to mass.
    Love WD.

  3. I bought The Time Traveler's Wife. I need to run down and buy The Magicians. Hopefully I'll get both read in Singapore.