Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Books, books, and more books

I am reading The Lives They Left Behind, a collection of true stories about people who were admitted to and spent their entire lives in a mental hospital.

They came with suitcases, but they were not permitted their belongings, so the suitcases were kept in an attic: men's on one side, women's luggage on the other. Each suitcase was sorted through by researchers and medical records found to match each patient, interviews were conducted with living family members and neighbors. Most are from the late 1800s to 1960s. They chose the 25 most interesting cases to write about. It's fascinating, and I highly recommend.

Since a lot of my story takes place in a mental hospital, I can call this kind of joy research.

I've got The Book Thief and A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb waiting on my book shelf. An embarrassment of riches and I start back to teaching next week.

I've also got three book reviews to write for the US Review of Books. Lesson plans, book reviews, reading, oh my.

Cinnamon oatmeal and a whole wheat bagel with strawberry jam is a good start.


  1. Ugh. You know the first thing I just did? Went to amazon and looked at The Lives They Left Behind. Then I remembered my self-imposed book ban. I'm kicking myself right now for that stupid rule.

    Oh well, I guess I just need to read faster so I can get new books again!

  2. I have a book ban too! I have to read all my current ones before I buy anything else.

    I'm reading Julie Andrew's autobiography called "Home." It is just excellent. Who knew she was a charming writer?

  3. I should read that book. I spent seven years as Psych therapist and loved it. We were more of a revolving door facility but we saw the same patients over and over....