Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She's baaaaack....

And a month later... OVER a month later. Wow.

I think this blog makes me feel guilty, haha. I started it to blog my writing journey on this novel -- to read others' journeys and feel inspired, to share the process... and then I quit writing. I don't mean that I intentionally quit or that I want to quit or that I have "officially" quit. I still plan to write the story, but I'm not. I'm grading papers and living life... and not making the time to write.

And this is when it should be easy. It's summer, after all. I have one class to teach, 18 papers to grade once a week. I mean, c'mon. The fall is when I'll have to schedule time to write or it won't happen. This, now, should not be such a struggle.

I did write a few pages before I just... stopped. And I have a prologue in my head that is begging for space on the page.

I will pick up again. I will come back to what I know and put fingers to keys.

In other news, I am scheduled for surgery one week from tomorrow. The same day as my 14th anniversary. The recovery will be 4-6 weeks, and I should have time to write from my "sick" bed. It is what they call "routine" surgery, no illness really, just putting myself back together. Not cosmetic either, haha. Oh, I wish I had the money for a little lipo...

Anyway. I'm back.


  1. Welcome back! I was starting to think something dreadful had befallen you. What if you were tied up on an old railroad track while an evil twisted his mustache and laughed?
    Don't feel bad about not writing. I go through the guilt stages if I don't write each day, but in reality I need a break to get back into it.

  2. writing...puh. overrated and yet a strangely intoxicating fountain of unexpected refreshment.

    meaning: I quit writing all the time. Some days I will consider commenting on someone's blog or replying to an email sufficient time spent writing. Woe is me.