Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Okay, okay, okay. Not my fault, really. I was at a campground and actually took my laptop, but no wireless. They usually have it, but not this time. My mom and dad are camping with their trailer near our house and the boys are staying with them while I have my surgery.

WHICH IS TOMORROW. Trying to stay calm, haha.

No food today. Usually it's just after midnight, but my doc said no food at all from the time I wake up the day before. Lots of juice, broth, and jello are prescribed. =/

I have so many ideas for my story, I'm almost glad I didn't write before they came to me. They change things pretty drastically, and I'm so excited to begin hammering them out. Today I have to clean the house and get my "sick room" ready on the main level. No stairs for a while.

Otherwise, life is good. We got a new kitten, and she is cuter than she should be.

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  1. I would suggest you do what I did, actually, and write the plot down first. Then talk it over with someone, or a few people. Then you won't be wasting your time. That's something I'd wish I'd done from the beginning. Put everything onto notecards that had to be said, arranged them into order, decided chapters, THEN started. It's horrible while it lasts, but if you work quickly, you can do it in a few hours.

    Then the rest is, in a way, brainless. You can focus your brain on the prose not the plot. You don't have to worry about the big picture while you're in the muck so you don't wake up and go, "Wait, where's the big picture?"