Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Why do we write? We write because we want to connect. We love the way our words sound from foreign mouths, the way the words look on the page. But ultimately, the best moments for a writer are twofold:

1. The delighted "gasp" of shock and excitement when we've really surprised our reader. The stillness of a rapt audience unsure of what will happen next.

2. The "that's JUST how it feels" moment our readers give us. This one trumps the gasp for me. I love knowing I've connected with a reader on that level.

What would you add to the list? Other than the "I WILL BE YOUR AGENT" and the "I'VE SOLD YOUR BOOK" or the "IT'S A NUMBER ONE NYT BESTSELLER!" Other than those, I mean. ^_~

We write because it's magic -- King's telepathy -- nothing up our sleeves, but magic nonetheless.


  1. We write because of the feeling when readers ask us questions about characters and/or a world that has been created in our mind ... as if they're real people and places. Which, of course, maybe they are, depending on how deep into the concept of reality you're willing to go : )

  2. It's a disconnect and a connection with people all in one.

  3. Congrats--you're a lemon : )