Thursday, April 9, 2009

Must read to write

I wrote 500 words on the new work that I hadn't planned to begin until June. I hate getting into something and then having to put it on hold while I finish something else, but the words were there, on the tip of my tongue, so I let them fall onto the page.

We'll see how many I end up keeping.

Today I begin a research paper, the last one of my master's. I'd love to have this thing half written before I head back to work this Tuesday. Not to mention the presentation I have to give on Wednesday.

I love Y.A. with a splash of the supernatural, but I like it well written. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm desperate for a fun book. I've been trying to get into several books, and none of them are sticking. Meh. I need a fun book!

Magic realism is a favorite -- doesn't have to be Y.A., just seems like they often do it best. ;)

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