Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All together now -- Where do you get your ideas?

If I have to write another cover letter or another word on Emerson and O'Connor, I may just lose my ever-loving mind.

It's discouraging out there, folks. It's tough pickins.

But I picked up my cap and gown today. :) I promise to post a pic after Saturday because I'm a HUGE dork like that.

So. Once we're all famous, everyone will ask us where we get our ideas -- it's the one question all writers field. What will your answer be? As to where I am when I have them, that's easy -- they come when I'm farthest from paper and pen or computer -- when I'm driving, showering, or just about to drift into sleep.

If not a literal where, then I'd say my ideas almost always come from "What if?" Nearly every idea I've ever had started with "What if..." and so on.


  1. So excited for you : )

    I have no idea where my ideas come from, actually. It's like they are gifts ... or dreams ... or a mythological muse writing through me.

    This sounds weird, but it's almost as though I get in a trance when I'm writing. Although I do a lot of planning ahead in my mind, I very frequently end up in a very different place when I stop my frenetic rate of typing.

  2. Cap and gown? How exciting!!!! Congrats! BTW, I get mine from the idea store. ;)

  3. I get my best ideas from childhood, which came from books I read over and over, fractions of those books that I read so much I memorized them. And then daydreamed them.