Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not hot for teacher

Caught the Pitt game yesterday at UD's arena. It was amazing! Of course if you weren't a Pitt fan, didn't matter who you normally rooted for, you were rooting against them in that game. No one wants the #1 seed to move on, unless it's their team.

And they sure did keep things interesting.

With Ohio State out of the game on Sunday, there's a good chance we can get some cheap tickets for round II. Here's hoping.

In other news, yesterday was a tough day. Both of my kids had incidents at school, one that was absolutely NOT my older son's fault, and the other was probably 50/50 with the younger son. It's hard. I teach them to respect their teachers, but sometimes behind closed doors, my husband and I just shake our heads. It's small things, like this woman had "alot" on their spelling list... no space. And she gave the wrong definition for a word, and it's just. Wow. My husband and I are both in education-- he's an assistant principal and phys ed teacher, and I was an English teacher (though not in the game now), and 99.99% we back our teachers. But when they're blatantly cruel to our child and can't spell words correctly, it's tough.

Anyway, my younger son's run-in with the teacher is the 50/50 deal. My older son's run in with another child's fist was NOT his fault. He filled out the report at school. If it happens again, I'm calling the police. Period. Hopefully, this kid gets suspended for a few days.

At this point, I just want it to be June already.

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  1. Sorry about the school trouble. I have boys (3) the world is harder on them I think.