Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Desk Jockey

I need a desk.

Not my desk-at-work desk, but an honest to goodness desk just for me, unlike that dust and clutter collection we call a desk in our basement which is often occupied by the children or the husband.

If I had a desk, I'd be a published author and an acclaimed professor. Or something. I'd be doing better work than can be turned out sitting in my bed, hunched over my laptop, shoulders bunched into a hard little knot, forehead creased in concentration.

I'm just sayin'. I need a desk.

In other news, the thesis is due on Friday. Why aren't I screaming? Good question.

In still other news, spring break starts on Friday. (oh, that's why.) I have to spend my break writing a paper and putting together a presentation, however. *sigh* Still. It's... something? I'll get to sleep in a bit and that IS something.

My sons and my husband have this week off, and I try very hard not to begrudge their sleeping little heads as I make my way to the shower. It's all good though. My job and class end May 1st, and they have to go to school and work for another month. Suckers!

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